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The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

When it comes to The Giving Tree, I would use this book for kindergarten to second grade. As to how I would use this book, it is fairly simple. After reading the book I would work with the class to complete a graphic organizer of what trees can do for us according to the book. Then in order to have my students think a little deeper into the matter, I would have them write or draw three things someone else does for them. After they had completed that, I would ask them to think of three things they can do for other people they know. Naturally, I would have the students record these three things on the same paper so that I could look at them later. If time did allow, I would have the students share their ideas with the class. Also, I would encourage my students to actually try to do one of the three things they said they could do for somebody.