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Wacky Wednesday

[ { WACKY WEDNESDAY (I CAN READ IT ALL BY MYSELF BEGINNER BOOKS (LIBRARY)) } ] by Dr Seuss (AUTHOR) Sep-12-1974 [ Library Binding ] - Dr Seuss

Wacky Wednesday is a really fun Dr. Seuss book that I would easily use with kindergarten all the way to second grade. In order to use this book in my classroom, I would first wait till it was Dr. Seuss week and Wednesday as well. Then while reading the book to the students I would have them point out the wacky thing on each page. For example a shoe on the wall. While doing this I would be sure to have the students keep track of how many wacky things they find on each page. This way we would be able to make sure we found all of the wacky happenings, due to the book telling how many wacky things are on each page. This, in turn, would be extra practice with counting for any student that needs it. Then I might have them draw a picture with an assigned amount of wacky things in it. These then could be shared with the class and hung up on a wall.