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Froggy's Halloween

Froggy's Halloween - Jonathan London, Frank Remkiewicz

Froggy's Halloween is a great read for any student in any grade, kindergarten to sixth. However, while I would still read it around Halloween time to kindergarten through second, I would mainly use is for third through sixth. The way I would use is would be having the students write a summary of the book. To further explain this, toward the beginning of October I would allow my students to select from a big selection of Halloween picture books, this one included, to read. Then once the students have read their selected book, I would ask them to write a summary of their chosen book on a slip of paper, which would then be placed in a brown paper bag that they had decorated. Once everyone had completed their summaries, I would have the students share and then use the summaries for a cute bulletin board for the rest of the month. To modify this for kindergarten to second grade, I would probably read the book to the class and then have them draw a picture of their favorite part of the book.