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No Jumping On The Bed!

No Jumping on the Bed - Tedd Arnold

No Jumping On The Bed! is a fun book by Tedd Arnold and a personal favorite of mine. I would have to say this book can be used for all elementary grades; however, in terms of independent reading, it would be easier for a second and third grader to read it independently as opposed to a first and kindergartner. Therefore I would limit my use of this book to whole group lessons for kindergarten and first grade, and guided reading for second and third graders.

In order to utilize this book in my classroom to its fullest, I would use it for sequencing in kindergarten through second. Through the entire book poor Walter is falling through the different floors in his apartment building, collect people and things as he goes. Therefore at the end of the book, I could have students but the people and things that join Walter on his fall in the order that they joined. Another way to utilize this book would be using it to work on reading with expression, especially when using a voice jar for second and third graders.